CalNow Logo


  • Developed an iOS app in Swift that serves as a hub for concert, academic, and sports events at UC Berkeley
  • Built a webscraper from scratch to pull events happening on campus from various campus websites
  • Implemented a Firebase database so that users can keep track of their own events alongside the campus events they're interested in

Skills: Swift, Firebase

Hangman Game Logo


  • Built a single screen iOS app in Swift that plays the game of Hangman
  • Used the Merriam-Webster Dictionary API to generate words and used the definition of those words as hints for users
  • Developing an augmented version of the app so that high schoolers can use it to practice SAT vocab words

Skills: Swift

Bear Maps Logo

Bear Maps*

  • Developed the backend of a web mapping application of Berkeley, CA
  • Implemented query autocomplete responses using Princeton's TST API
  • Implemented the A* searching algorithm to determine the shortest path between user-inputted points

Skills: Java

* Cannot display code publicly due to University restrictions (Please contact me to learn more about this project)